Past Interns

Nyiri DuCharme

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.59.32 PMNyiri completed her internship with WIIS Canada in the role of Communications and Marketing in 2014-2015. Nyiri’s work included serving on the Steering Committee of the 16 Days Campaign, managing the WIIS Canada website and communications, and member relations. She is completing her MA in Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. She holds an Honours BA from the University of Toronto in Political Science and European Union studies.

Nyiri's professional interests are in the intersection of security with a variety of public policy issues such as immigration, foreign affairs, and economic development.



Marlo Collier

Marlo Headshot

Marlo interned with WIIS Canada for the 16 Days Campaign in 2014. She is currently an Honours BA undergraduate student at Carleton University studying Human Rights with a minor in Law.

Marlo is a member of Carleton's chapter of Oxfam, and is very passionate about social justice and women's rights.



Justine Hall


Justine completed her communications and marketing internship with WIIS Canada in the summer of 2014. In this time she was foundational in setting up the integral pieces to establish the WIIS Canada Network in its first year as a corporation. Justine’s work included website design and establishing the Network’s branding, as well as its social media presence. In addition to her internship with WIIS Canada, she has worked as a research assistant on Canadian intelligence and security topics, as well as an editorial assistant for Global National News in London, England, and Vancouver, Canada. After her internship with WIIS Canada Justine completed and recently returned from an internship with the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations in New York as a Junior Political Advisor.

Justine has a BA in Political Science and Communication from Simon Fraser University, and has finished the coursework for her MA in Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. Justine’s professional interests include foreign affairs; policy development and analysis; and intelligence, international security and defence.

Some words from Justine:

My internship with WIIS was a valuable work experience. The internship gave me the opportunity to exercise creativity by managing the social media campaign. I was also able to meet and interview high-ranking NATO, Canadian military, and academic individuals for the WIIS website and newsletter. The internship allowed me to build my interview skills, build an important network of experts in the field of international security, take leadership in a social media campaign, and hone many other valuable skills.