On this page you will find information and tools about the 16 Days campaign, as well as a guide for your social media communications. 

Keywords (Hashtags)

We invite you to communicate using the following keywords and to include @WiisCanada to mark your posts as favorites and repost them:

 # 16 days

# 16JoursCanada

#Not correct

Facebook: www.fb.com/WIISCanada

As a participating organization in the campaign, we encourage you to join the network and follow the WIIS-Canada Facebook page for frequent updates. If you create a Facebook event, it will be shared by the WIIS-Canada page.

Change of Facebook profile picture: To raise awareness of gender violence and the theme of education, participants are encouraged to change their Facebook profile picture to official logo of the 16-day campaign and use this image to promote their events and their involvement in the campaign. Change your photo on the first day of the campaign (25 November) and keep it until 10 December!

16 Days Website: www.wiiscanada.org/16Days

We encourage you to include the official campaign website on any material you produce, including print and online.

Use the MAUVE!

The official color of the 16 Days global campaign is purple. We invite you to use this color as much as possible when creating your ads and promoting your activities, both on paper and online.


Campaign logos, available in English and French, should be used to promote all activities that will take place during the campaign. We ask you to respect these logos and to use them in your advertisements and promotional material.