Day 15: Research Roundtable on the Implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

December 9

Queen’s University Centre for International and Defence Policy (CIDP) partnered with Queen’s University Department of Political Studies to host the Research Roundtable: Women, Peace and Security Agenda at Queen’s University.

There were a total of approximately 30 attendees from the Political Studies department, CIDP staff, undergraduate and graduate students from Political Studies and International Development Studies, as well as Visiting Defence Fellows (VDFs) from the CIDP.

Overall, the discussion focused on the complex relationship between culture and policy as they affect military doctrine and departmental adoption of a gendered perspective. The panellists explored the Canadian experience stemming from the 1989 Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to Canada’s current National Action Plan (NAP) in response to UNSC 1325, noting some of the steps taken throughout the Canadian narrative to incorporate a gender perspective. The discussion also centred around where women currently stand in terms of equality and opportunity, and how we can begin to take practical steps toward incorporating a gender mainstreaming approach that allows for inclusivity and accountability across government and services. Panellists and attendees discussed the salient challenges that act as obstacles to the practical application of a gender mainstreaming approach, namely the complexity of the subject itself, and the lack of awareness.

Largely, it was discussed that lasting changes begin with organizational culture and the systemic integration of a gender perspective in policy, which would potentially lead to the incorporation of a gender perspective within institutions of that cultural and political framework.



Stéfanie von Hlatky, Assistant Professor, Queen's University Centre for International and Defence Policy

Urooj Mian, President, Women in International Security (WIIS) Canada

K.J. Unterganschnigg, Lieutenant-Colonel, Assistant Deputy Minister (Policy), Department of National Defence

Karen D. Davis, CD, Ph.D., Director General Military Personnel Research and Analysis, Department of National Defence