Mission, Core Values and Principles



Women in International Security (WIIS) Canada Incorporated aims to provide a voice and platform of engagement and opportunity for Canadian WIIS membership. Its overall mission aligns with the mission of WIIS:

  • WIIS identifies the barriers to advancement - through its groundbreaking reports on women's leadership
  • WIIS closes the leadership gap in women's participation - through collaborations with key institutions to improve women's recruitment, retention, and advancement
  • WIIS prepares women to success in leadership roles - through mentoring, networking, and training
  • WIIS provides visibility and support to women at all levels - through its worldwide network of members, mentors, and partners



  • WIIS defines international security broadly, inclusive of a range of disciplines such as conflict resolution and human rights, but focuses on the intersection of these issues with security
  • WIIS bridges the divides among: issues (traditional and human security), generations of women, and sectors (academic, practitioner, and policymaker)
  • WIIS educated and inspires women at all stages of their careers - the multigenerational aspect of its network is one of WIIS' greatest strengths
  • WIIS builds local, national, and global communities that empower women in many different countries
  • WIIS encourages the active civic engagement of women and men who understand the importance of inclusive and diverse participation in peace and security
  • WIIS is non-profit and non-partisan. WIIS advocates for women's inclusion and leadership in the peace and security fields but does not lobby on specific pieces of legislation
  • WIIS provides valuable services and resources to build a global network of women in these fields, and increases the number and visibility of women across sectors and around the world