Message from the Executive Director


I am not overstating anything to say that it is a real joy and honour to work with the WIIS-Canada Board members as Executive Director. I am proud to be part of this network, and to engage with our members across the country.

My first contact with WIIS-Canada was at the Annual Workshop in 2015, within months of having moved here from the Netherlands. I was immediately impressed by the nature and energy of this incredible network, and the way in which women and men alike, from so many professional backgrounds, were genuinely engaged with those students presenting, and with the topics being discussed, including the explicit focus on gender issues in peace and security. I have long known the importance of strong networks of women in my life, both socially and professionally.

Together with the Board members, who are themselves all very accomplished, dedicated women, we are working to develop and expand WIIS-Canada, to include members from across the country, and from a range of disciplines and backgrounds. In May 2017 we celebrated WIIS-Canada’s 10th Annual Workshop as well as the 30th anniversary of WIIS Global, of which we are an affiliate. It is thanks to the work of our founding member, Stéfanie von Hlatky, back in 2007, and also thanks to all those who supported her, that we are as big and active as we are today. And it's thanks to many women volunteering their time that the Annual Workshop and the 16 Days of Activism calling for the elimination of violence against women are such a success each year. We welcome your contribution to these events, so please be in touch if you'd like to be involved.

WIIS-Canada is your network, and I look forward to meeting you at an event, or engaging with you through any one of our activities.

Warm regards
Dr. Cassandra Steer

Executive Director