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16 Days Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

Who participates in the 16 Days Campaign?
Since 1991, approximately 5,167 organizations in 187 countries have participated in the 16 Days Campaign. Any organization, agency, group or individual can participate in the 16 Days Campaign. Each year during the campaign, civil society organizations, advocates, activists, women human rights defenders, government agencies, corporate allies and businesses, UN staff, charities, schools, university organizations, service-providers, interest groups, and individuals plan local events and awareness-raising activities focused on gender-based violence.

How can I get involved with the 16 Days Campaign? Can men be involved?
16 Days Campaign events are organized each year by hundreds of organizations around the world. You can join or attend an already existing student, community, national or international initiative for the 16 Days or take actions on your own.

To be included as a participating organization and campaign partner in Canada, submit your planned activities to Women in International Security Canada (WIIS-C) through this form by November 15th.  Your submissions will also enable WIIS-C to refer other individuals and organizations that are interested in your activities to you.

There are many men involved in the 16 Days Campaign; anyone who supports the work to end violence against women and promote women’s leadership is encouraged to participate. If you would like further information on how men can get involved with the 16 Days Campaign, there are a variety of resources and initiatives listed by the Center for Women's Global Leadership in their Resource page -Involving Men & Boys.

What kinds of activities take place during the 16 Days Campaign?
Events organized for the 16 Days Campaign take a variety of forms including, but not limited to protests, rallies, marches, art exhibitions, political lobbying, theater performances, vigils, roundtable discussions, film screenings, fundraisers for local domestic violence shelters, letter writing campaigns, workshops, support groups, street theatre, training sessions in schools, media campaigns, and petition signing. To see a list of events for the upcoming campaign, see the 2016 Calendar of Campaign Activities.

How can I find a group near me that is working on the 16 Days Campaign in Canada?
Our website will soon have a section where you can search for groups that have participated in the 16 Days Campaign in an area near you. In the meantime, please see the campaign pages from previous years or write to contact@wiiscanada.org for more information.

Are there any resources or materials available about the 16 Days Campaign in Canada?
Yes! WIIS-C produces a Tool Kit in English and French each year. The kit includes details about the theme, background information about the campaign, and tips for planning your activities. Institutions or people interested in participating can complete the submission form.

Who can I contact to find out more about the campaign?
Most of the information relating to the 16 Days Campaign in Canada can be found on our website, but further inquiries can be emailed to contact@wiiscanada.org.

Where can I get funding for 16 Days Campaign activities? Does WIIS-C provide funds?
Unfortunately, the Women in International Security Canada (WIIS-C) does not have any funds or grants to provide to organizations planning 16 Days activities in Canada.

What if I’m planning a 16 Days Campaign event on gender-based violence, but it is not related to the international theme this year? Can I still participate in the 16 Days Campaign?
Absolutely! The international theme is chosen in consultation with women’s human rights advocates around the world each year and reflects issues that we believe are important and widely relevant. However, groups are encouraged to use the 16 Days Campaign as an opportunity to work on issues that are the most relevant and pressing in their communities. Using the international campaign theme is not a requirement for participating in the campaign, and we encourage all groups to submit information about their activities.

Can I Participate Online?
Yes! Use these hashtags throughout the campaign:
#16Days, #16Jours, #16DaysCanada, #16JoursCanada, #endSGBV, #MMIWG, #WearPurple, #PortezDuViolet, #PurpleRibbons, #RubansMauves, #RoseCampaign, #Campagnedesroses, #NOTokay, #PAScorrect et #RedDress

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