On this page you will find information and resources related to the 16 days Campaign, as well as guidance regarding social media outreach. 



We invite your organization to tweet using some of the following hashtags and include @WIISCanada so we can favourite and retweet:





Twitter Teach-Ins
In addition to live-tweeting, your organization can host a Twitter teach-in. A teach-in involves a continuous stream of tweets from one account which contain pieces of information on gender based violence. Focus can be given to this year’s theme of education. Allow members of your organization to retweet the original tweets and also allow people to ask questions related to your tweets.



Content for Social Media - Facebook

When communicating on behalf of your organization’s participation in the16 Days campaign, we ask that you include the following information:

Facebook Eventwww.fb.com/WIISCanada

As a participating organization in the campaign, we encourage you to follow the FaceBook page for continued updates and information on other initiatives of interest for your contacts.

16 Days Websitewww.wiiscanada.org/16Days

We ask that you include the official campaign website on all campaign materials you produce, including but not limited to print and online products.

Videos: The official campaign promotional video will be posted on our website, this can be shared with your respective networks to promote the campaign.

Facebook Profile Picture Swap: To help further raise awareness about gender based violence and this year’s education based theme, all participants are encouraged to change their Facebook profile picture to the 16 Days official logo and use this to promote events and involvement in the campaign. Swap your picture on the first day of the campaign (Nov. 25) and keep it through December 10. Create a profile picture with the 16 Days logo here.



To download the logo, right click on the image and click "save as"