Day 3: Telling Stories Through Art – Reception and Art Exhibit by Immigrant Women

November 27

Telling Stories Through Art: Reception and Art Exhibit by Immigrant Women, hosted by the Immigrant Women Services of Ottawa. Hear the stories of resilience and hope shared by Immigrant Women in the city of Ottawa through their art.

The event was a display of beautiful paintings produced by immigrant women, clients of IWSO.

From contemporary art to sceneries, water color, acrylics etc., there was a variety of artwork to please even the most discerning eye. The women shared compelling stories through their art - such as their journey to freedom, their resiliency through difficult times in their lives, new beginnings etc.

There was also a wine and cheese reception and live musical performance. Feedback from attendees indicated that they really enjoyed the event and the awareness it brought to issues of violence against women while celebrating the artistic talent of immigrant and refugee women in Ottawa.

Photos courtesy of Su Hum, Photo Luma
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