Day 2: Interactive Session on The Compassion Games

November 26

The University of Winnipeg held an event titled “From Peace in the World to Peace in the Home”, as part of the a response to UN Women to “Orange Your Neighbourhood” during the 16 Days of Action to Counter Violence Against Women.

Hosted by the sister organizations, the Institute for International Women’s Rights Global College (directed by Marilou McPhedran), and the community-based Institute for International Women’s Rights – Manitoba (hosted by co-chair Mary Scott), the event drew approximately 40 attendees of predominantly women from diverse communities.

Darcia Senft of Winnipeg Peace Days, led an interactive session on The Compassion Games to explore global to local responses to gender-based violence. In her native Cameroon, Gertrude Hambira demonstrated the costs of being a human rights defender in her native Zimbabwe and Ellen Judd provided contextual analysis situating violence against women and girls in our increasingly militaristic cultures.

The panel, moderated by Marilou McPhedran, featured a brief by Tolu Ilelaboye on the ‘Youth Vital Signs” report card hosted by the Winnipeg Foundation. Jazmin Papadopoulos and Giselle Roch of Voice of Women-Manitoba described the young women’s peace camp curriculum being translated into French to be used by Girl Ambassadors for Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo. An open discussion followed, among all members of the audience.